Hotels Odessa TX: prices are low and you are pleased

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Odessa hotels, motels

cheap hotels in odessa tx prices

Cheap motels. Favorable prices

If you want to have fun and variety, then Odessa, Texas is the best choice to visit for your vacation, meeting or convention.

There are lots of things to explore like replica of the Globe theatre of Shakespeare, Vintage, World War II aircraft, Presidential Museum, Second largest Meteor Crater, etc. It is the gateway to the national parks includes Carlsbad Caverns, Guadalupe Mountains and Beg Bend.

So ready to plan your next visit to this city — the top quality resting-places over there will make your stay relaxing and enjoyable. Here is the list of best places.

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Cheap hotels in Odessa TX: prices and conditions

hotels in odessa tx prices cheap motels prices

The MCM grand Fundome provides cleanliness, friendliness and modern amenities to its guests. The facilities you get over there includes free hot breakfast, free evening drinks at Toby’s lounge, Fundome for kids, sauna, indoor playground, small gold course, free Wi-Fi and Shuttle service.

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Hotel in Odessa TX

hotels and motels in odessa tx cheap motels prices

Comfortable and cheap motels. Low prices

It has all the modern facilities and amenities for its guest include fitness center, heated pool, complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, free parking, Spacious suites, kitchenette, and wheelchair access. There are also offered complimentary drink and dinner on Monday and Thursday.

Cheap Odessa Texas hotels, motels

cheap motels prices

Cheap hotels and motels in Odessa TX

If you want a luxurious and modern facilities for your visit then MCM Elegant is an ideal place. It provides all the modern amenities to its guest like spacious rooms, spa and salon, fitness room, recreation park, Concierge level, fire pit, Hertz Rental car desk, hot tub and outdoor pool.

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