Top 3 hotels in St. Barts

The St. Barthelemy or St. Bart is the beautiful blend of natural beauty, European classiness and exotic islands. The sand beaches surrounded by green hills with the enticing coral reef and clear blue water are the most attractive feature of the St Bart. The tourist doesn’t find any big resort here, but the St Bart and private villas give full privacy and a beautiful view of this tropical foliage. The tourist can enjoy the diving, snorkeling, surfing, fishing, kite surfing, sailing and kayaking. Here we are sharing with you the top 3 suites of St. Barts.

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Le Toiny

The interior of this apartments designed in French colonial style and gives us the feeling of remoteness and calmness. This place also offers a private evening at their Le Gaiac restaurant, its open air atmosphere gives a very romantic feel. For the convenience of the guests, it also offers serenity spa cottage. The guests also enjoy, sailing, snorkeling, deep sea fishing and diving here.

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Le Christopher

If you are in search of somewhere very sensual and private then this place will be your first choice. You can enjoy the panoramic view of St Bart while sitting on the terrace of this apartments. You can feel relaxation, calmness and pleasure while staying here.

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Les Mouettes

This place consist of seven bungalows, each facilitated with air conditions, small kitchen and the terrace. It is the best way to relax and feel the natural beauty of the beach.

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